House Extensions London Must Be Properly Planned and Executed

house extensions londonA good house is one that is built as per a plan  that takes into account the requirements of its residents. This fact is just as true for house extensions London but will have to take into account the changed needs of the family.

Once a home has been lived in for some time, the family size can increase, lifestyles can change and needs of growing children can create demands for space that point to  the need for extensions to the house. You will need to correctly assess your needs and make plans for the extension, accordingly. It is possible to extend a house, vertically or horizontally. Horizontal expansions will require open space availability that still keeps in mind the requirements for open space and proper ventilation of your home and adjoining properties. Vertical extensions will require an assessment of the structural ability of the existing structure and its foundations to take additional loads caused by the new rooms. Rooms have also to be planned to include bathrooms and other facilities that increase the usability of the extended space.

All these factors will allow an architect specialized in house extensions London to come up with a plan that suits the requirements of the homeowner as well as the local regulation that are in force. It is necessary to get through all the legal requirements and permissions before starting any house extensions. Neighbour must be consulted, as some extensions may make changes in their living environment by cutting off the sun or increasing shadows and reducing light into adjacent homes.

The design has also to ensure that the extensions are properly lighted and ventilated and do not lead to changing the way other rooms can be used. Extensions can often mean additional requirements of electricity and water and changes may have to be made to existing systems, that can lead to higher costs. Home extensions can also come in the form of conservatories or decks that increase the living space for a family.

Extensions can always be planned over garages. Care must be taken to see that any planned extension does not in any way hinder the architectural looks of the house and its adjoining properties. Garages and attics can also be used as part of home extensions that will make for those that are the most cost efficient. It is important that when you plan any house extension, that you be aware of all the existing routes of any utilities that are coming into the home, as often these may have to be modified to accommodate the new structure.

A proper budget and making all necessary financial arrangements to fund the extension is a must so that work proceeds without any interruption. Include some contingencies, so that untoward or unforeseen circumstances do not catch you unaware. See that the contractor or builder that you appoint is one who is used to working in the restricted areas that most house extensions have to contend with. House extensions in London are a better choice than buying a new home and changing your neighbour.



Scaffolding London – How To Choose the Best Scaffolding Services.

scaffolding londonScaffolding is very useful in the construction of buildings as it helps workers perform various functions such as carrying out repairs, painting, cleaning and various other functions. Scaffolding usually gives the workers safety and flexibility they need when carrying out their duties.

Regardless of the shape and height of the building, scaffolds are customized to fit various types of buildings. Scaffolding London is available in very different types including the supported scaffolds used for various works on few floors of the building.

Supported scaffolds are built from the ground and can be used to perform tasks such as creating walkways and carrying out maintenance on the building.

Another type of scaffold is suspended scaffolding which is usually used when working on the top floors of a building. To facilitate the movement of the cradle either upwards or downwards and allow workers carry out the procedures on the top floors, this type of scaffolds come with pulleys.

The independent scaffold which is also known as the birdcage scaffold is designed with two rows of vertical poles which are connected by horizontal pieces.  The single pole scaffold is also another type of scaffold with one row of standards that need the support of the structure it is placed against.

Considering all these types of scaffolds in the market, it is a good idea to take your time and find out the pros and cons of each before settling on one to use for construction.

When choosing the best scaffolding London, there are some things you need to consider. One of them is the ground on which you will use the scaffold. If you are going to construct your building on unstable earth, it may be ideal to choose a suspended scaffold.

This is due to the fact that suspended scaffold as it would allow the workers to reach the various sites without experiencing any problems. Supported scaffold prohibits access to other areas.

You can also decide to select adjustable scaffold on wheel even though their main disadvantage is that it is difficult to use in some places especially those with uneven terrains.

Another thing you need to consider before selecting a scaffold is the building design. For tall buildings, use a suspended scaffold. This is because of the fact that they are easier and easier to use compared to the other types of scaffolds.

If  you are building a building that is not square in shape or one with projections or recesses, supported scaffolds would be the ideal choice.

There are several Scaffolding London services and it is important for you to consider the budget when selecting them. However, the price should not be the top priority. Safety should always be and that is why it should always come before price.

To balance both safety and cost-effectiveness, you need to compare as many scaffolding services as possible. You can get this information on the company’s sites or yellow pages where you will get the company’s contacts.


The Advantages Of House Extensions Over Choosing To Move

advantage of house extensionThe moment you recognize that your growing family is running out of space, that’s the moment you probably want to pack up your bags and move somewhere else. For many homeowners, relocating seems like the best course of action and they forget the possibility of home extensions. Relocating requires you to sell your current home and potentially rack up more debt with a bigger property, whereas, home extensions can work with the current home you own. Understandably, this is a big decision to make, so here are a few advantages of choosing this method:

Save Money

Of course, the most obvious advantage is that you will save money opting to extend your home as opposed to purchasing a bigger and more expensive property. Bigger space is always appealing, but when you see the price tag attached in this housing market, it’s very likely that you will reconsider. Not to mention, adding an extension will save you money and it allows you to pay off your mortgage as planned.

Fall In Love With Your Home

What if you love the neighborhood you live in and feel an emotional attachment to your property? If you’ve lived somewhere for years, there’s no reason to consider moving elsewhere just because you need an extra room. By choosing to add an extension to your home, you can continue living there and enjoy the additional space.

Add Value

Should you look to sell your home in the foreseeable future, you can bet that other families are going to be looking at the size of your house. If they don’t find the space they need, you may have trouble selling off your property. Fortunately, not only do home extensions cost a lot less than relocating, but they add significant value to your home. Even a simple loft conversion can increase your home’s value by up to 20%.

Make Your Space Custom

You may not have had your house custom built, but by adding an extended space, you can put your own stamp on the property. Just figure out what you would like to get out of the space, and you can have it all tailored to your specifications. You have a say in how many windows there are, the size of the room, and you can plan ahead for plenty of storage space.

Don’t Take A Hit

The housing market is filled with uncertainty and there’s no way to guarantee that you can sell your home or you will ever find a bigger one within your budget. Not to mention, you may be in too deep with your mortgage already, so taking a hit is not a good idea. An extension added to your home can prevent you from landing in an uncertain situation and you will feel better knowing you’re financially secure.

Though still a financial commitment, adding an extension to your home can save you money and make you fall in love with your property all over again. Instead of moving, this is one option well worth considering!