The Essential Guide As To Why You Would Need A Loft Conversion

loft conversion guideLoft conversions began as a concept in the United States within the New York’s Soho area in the 1960s.  To accommodate the culture of the time, artists would rent out industrial spaces and modify them to create unique residential gems; although at the time it was illegal for them to do so.  Nowadays, people are searching for something as unique and this article will show you why you would need a loft conversion.

Contemporary Needs

In the modern housing market, relocation can be highly expensive and tiresome and finding a property with more than two rooms can be stressful.  Yet, many people require more than two rooms if they are looking to move and the stress with expense is generally necessary.  Fortunately, there is a method whereby you can enjoy the extra space without having to relocate at all – a loft conversion.  This can increase space by adding a room AND can increase the property value by at least 20%.

Why would you need a room?  There are numerous reasons and you should consider them when looking into the type of loft conversion being planned.  One reason for an extra room is the issue of a growing family.  The new room may need to be a child’s playroom or bedroom.  Another alternative is that an older child (adult) may be returning home due to the lack of employment and inability to pay rent.  The extra room could act as a retreat for the older son or daughter.  Another alternative is having an elderly parent coming to stay and them needing some personal space of their own.

Many individuals, however, choose to create a loft conversion purely out of the need for a private space away from the noisy distractions of the home and family.  This could be a getaway or retreat; however, it is generally for the loft extension to act as a work space.  Due to many individuals now working from home the added space is perfect for a home office or an area to store additional documents.

Irrespective of the needs or requirements, the loft may be a positive resolution to adding a separate room to an existing property.  This will add the space and eliminate the cost of movers, lawyer’s fees, realtor fees, and the new house itself.  While a loft conversion may seem costly, it is as can be seen far more cost-effective than relocation.

The Process Of Building A Conversion

Before any loft conversion can begin it is necessary for the loft conversion company of your choice to inspect the loft.  This is done to allow the company to measure the area and ensure there is adequate space to make a suitable/possible conversion.  Practically, any loft area can be transformed into a living space provided there are no problems structurally with the roof or the property in general.  If the area has been deemed suitable, it will be necessary for the conversion company to discuss needs and the budget when considering options for the conversion.  This must all be done before any building can be completed.