Is design and build the Best choice for you?

Are you thinking about building a new home, loft, or even an office space? Or maybe you’re considering about a major house renovation? Regardless of the group you belong to, it’s important to work with a reputable contractor who will oversee the entire project. You should decide on the right method of procurement if you want to meet your expectations and save you the most money. One of the most popular choices is design and build. How does it differ from traditional procurement? Keep reading to find out.-

Traditional Process

The traditional process involves three major components: design, bid, and then build. You would have to negotiate with separate professionals who will manage each of the said components. In most cases, an architect takes care of the design, while a construction contractor handles the build phase. You may have to hire a design firm to finalise the design documents and then allow contractors to start bidding on the project.

Design and Build Process

Design and build, on the other hand, makes the entire process a whole lot easier. Only a single company works on both the design and construction of the house or office. It also involves a single contract. As you can imagine, this avoids confusion since you only need to deal with one company in case something goes wrong.

design and build

One of the benefits of attic conversion design and build is that it delivers a high-quality finish while being very efficient at the same time. Whether it’s for home construction or office refurbishment, this modern procurement method has become increasingly popular over the years.

Heightened cost certainty is one of the reasons why many go for design and build. You’ll also have a higher chance of getting a bespoke design that matches your exact specifications. With fast and efficient delivery, you won’t experience a lot of downtime, and you can move in with your family or start your business operation immediately. A whole package can be involved with moving all the furniture including your office furniture. If you plan to build an office make sure you have a set of the budget allocated for your furniture.

office furniture

Of course, you may still want to do your comparison shopping and consider the traditional procurement process. But design and build prove to be the most cost-effective procurement method right now, and its increase in popularity in the UK supports this fact. Taking this route for your loft conversion means you’ll see the construction cost right away, get more ideas for the design you want, and feel confident that everything will fall into place because there’s only one point of the contract throughout the construction project. All this means fewer headaches and greater return on your investment.

Where To Find Affordable And Reputable North London Builders

north london buildersOnce you have made a final decision to build a home in North London, you will have to find a reputable builder to help you out. The amount of time that you spend looking will be proportionate to how much money you will save when working with one of these companies. Not all contractors are created equal. Some of them are going to have stellar reputations. Others are going to be very affordable, but they might not produce the best end product which is something you need to consider even if you can afford to work with them.

Where To Begin Your Search

You can begin your search on the Internet, looking through local listings, specifically companies that have exceptional ratings. They will have more feedback than all of the other companies, and star ratings that will attest to how good they are doing. All of this is available when searching on Google and sometimes other search engines. You can also find these companies listed in directories such as Yelp where they are listed with feedback from customers. Similar websites exist all over the web, and by gaining access to them, and sifting through the many different listings that they have, you will ultimately find a company that will be able to help you out.

What You Need To Do To Get The Best North London Builders

If you want to get the best possible deal, there are two ways to accomplish this. First of all, submit as many requests as you can to the different contractors so that you can get estimates from each one. Based upon the estimates that you receive, and the prices that they are going to charge you, you can choose one based upon the overall cost. The second way is to look for companies that are currently advertising, allowing you to take advantage of special offers that they are giving with their promotional codes. These will be additional companies that you will contact, ultimately leading you to one or two that look promising, and finally the North London builders that will do your job.

How Do You Know You Have Found The Right Company?

You will know that you have found the right business because you are able to not only get a great deal, but you will be working with a business that has also helped many happy customers. Additionally, they should offer a guarantee of some sort on the type of work that they are going to do for you, just in case anything goes wrong. Companies that are willing to back to work that they do are the ones that you will want to work with. Those that do not offer a guarantee might not be that trustworthy. All of your research will lead you to at least one company that does reliable work, at an affordable price, that fully guarantees everything that they do.

These simple suggestions for finding North London builders will ultimately lead you to contractors that will help you complete your home improvement project, or build your home for you. It’s all about submitting as many requests as you can to get multiple estimates, and choosing one that is going to provide you with the best possible deal on this type of project.

Contact A Construction Company London For These Services

construction company londonYou should contact a construction company in London when you want a loft, home extension, your kitchen remodel or if you want your entire home remodelled. All of these services are offered by a good construction company. Find out more about why you should look into these and then you can hire a good construction company.

1. Loft Conversions- Do you have an empty attic and you haven’t done anything with it? If so, then get some use out of it by converting it into a loft, which will make a great place to relax or you can use it as a spare bedroom for guests. A loft conversion is one of the best ways to give your attic a complete makeover. It doesn’t matter how big or small your current attic space is, a professional can get to work in it and turn it into a nice looking loft.

2. House Extensions- Your home may be big enough or not large enough, and if that’s the case, then consider adding an extension. You can add a new bedroom to your home, a new bathroom or add a huge enclosed patio or even a garage. Those are only a few examples of extensions you can get. A home extension is one of the best ways to get additional space for whatever you need, including an extra bedroom, dining room or even a home gym to name a few.

3. Kitchen Remodelling- Is your current kitchen not modern or does it have a very vintage look to it and you want to do something different with it? If so, then have a professional remodel it because they can give your kitchen a complete makeover and you won’t even recognize it when they are finished with it. You may not have enough money to remodel your entire home, so just remodel your kitchen instead. Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to breathe new life into it.

4. Home Remodelling- If your finances permit you, then look into remodelling your entire home. Doing this will give it a great makeover and increase it’s value, and if you update your home with modern appliances or energy efficient ones, then you may save money on your energy bills. There are many ways you can remodel your home and a good constructions company will listen to your ideas and then give you advice on what can and cannot be done, and then they will start the work. Before you know it, your entire home will look different and you may get more for your home, if you choose to sell it.

Those are only a few services a construction company London offers. It doesn’t matter what kind of construction project you have in mind, a construction company can help you out. Just make sure you take the time to find a good company and get a quote from a few. With that said, if you’re interested in any of the above services, then contact a construction company today.

The Essential Guide As To Why You Would Need A Loft Conversion

loft conversion guideLoft conversions began as a concept in the United States within the New York’s Soho area in the 1960s.  To accommodate the culture of the time, artists would rent out industrial spaces and modify them to create unique residential gems; although at the time it was illegal for them to do so.  Nowadays, people are searching for something as unique and this article will show you why you would need a loft conversion.

Contemporary Needs

In the modern housing market, relocation can be highly expensive and tiresome and finding a property with more than two rooms can be stressful.  Yet, many people require more than two rooms if they are looking to move and the stress with expense is generally necessary.  Fortunately, there is a method whereby you can enjoy the extra space without having to relocate at all – a loft conversion.  This can increase space by adding a room AND can increase the property value by at least 20%.

Why would you need a room?  There are numerous reasons and you should consider them when looking into the type of loft conversion being planned.  One reason for an extra room is the issue of a growing family.  The new room may need to be a child’s playroom or bedroom.  Another alternative is that an older child (adult) may be returning home due to the lack of employment and inability to pay rent.  The extra room could act as a retreat for the older son or daughter.  Another alternative is having an elderly parent coming to stay and them needing some personal space of their own.

Many individuals, however, choose to create a loft conversion purely out of the need for a private space away from the noisy distractions of the home and family.  This could be a getaway or retreat; however, it is generally for the loft extension to act as a work space.  Due to many individuals now working from home the added space is perfect for a home office or an area to store additional documents.

Irrespective of the needs or requirements, the loft may be a positive resolution to adding a separate room to an existing property.  This will add the space and eliminate the cost of movers, lawyer’s fees, realtor fees, and the new house itself.  While a loft conversion may seem costly, it is as can be seen far more cost-effective than relocation.

The Process Of Building A Conversion

Before any loft conversion can begin it is necessary for the loft conversion company of your choice to inspect the loft.  This is done to allow the company to measure the area and ensure there is adequate space to make a suitable/possible conversion.  Practically, any loft area can be transformed into a living space provided there are no problems structurally with the roof or the property in general.  If the area has been deemed suitable, it will be necessary for the conversion company to discuss needs and the budget when considering options for the conversion.  This must all be done before any building can be completed.

The Advantages Of House Extensions Over Choosing To Move

advantage house extensionThe moment you recognize that your growing family is running out of space, that’s the moment you probably want to pack up your bags and move somewhere else. For many homeowners, relocating seems like the best course of action and they forget the possibility of home extensions. Relocating requires you to sell your current home and potentially rack up more debt with a bigger property, whereas, home extensions can work with the current home you own. Understandably, this is a big decision to make, so here are a few advantages of choosing this method:

Save Money

Of course, the most obvious advantage is that you will save money opting to extend your home as opposed to purchasing a bigger and more expensive property. Bigger space is always appealing, but when you see the price tag attached in this housing market, it’s very likely that you will reconsider. Not to mention, adding an extension will save you money and it allows you to pay off your mortgage as planned.

Fall In Love With Your Home

What if you love the neighborhood you live in and feel an emotional attachment to your property? If you’ve lived somewhere for years, there’s no reason to consider moving elsewhere just because you need an extra room. By choosing to add an extension to your home, you can continue living there and enjoy the additional space.

Add Value

Should you look to sell your home in the foreseeable future, you can bet that other families are going to be looking at the size of your house. If they don’t find the space they need, you may have trouble selling off your property. Fortunately, not only do home extensions cost a lot less than relocating, but they add significant value to your home. Even a simple loft conversion can increase your home’s value by up to 20%.

Make Your Space Custom

You may not have had your house custom built, but by adding an extended space, you can put your own stamp on the property. Just figure out what you would like to get out of the space, and you can have it all tailored to your specifications. You have a say in how many windows there are, the size of the room, and you can plan ahead for plenty of storage space.

Don’t Take A Hit

The housing market is filled with uncertainty and there’s no way to guarantee that you can sell your home or you will ever find a bigger one within your budget. Not to mention, you may be in too deep with your mortgage already, so taking a hit is not a good idea. An extension added to your home can prevent you from landing in an uncertain situation and you will feel better knowing you’re financially secure.

Though still a financial commitment, adding an extension to your home can save you money and make you fall in love with your property all over again. Instead of moving, this is one option well worth considering!

What You Should Know About Precast Concrete

Precast ConcretePeople in the construction industry are well aware of what precast concrete is. It is something that most people do not understand or even know exists. When you look at a building that has been constructed, many of the components of the building were created with concrete prior to the construction of that building. They will be formed into specific shapes. These will be connected together, and also reinforced with rebar so that the concrete can be so much stronger. Here is what you should know about precast concrete, why it is used, and how it is produced.

An Overview Of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is unique because it is literally a mold that is created in a very specific form. It could be a wall for a house, or segments of a building, all of which are poured and molded to a specific size. It is very different from precast stone which is also used in the construction industry. Panels are actually one of the more common things that are used. It is cheaper in most cases to purchase this from a company that produces this material. They will simply take your order, and per your specifications create the molds that you need and have them delivered.

Where Is This Used?

Is used in a number of different ways. For example, you can go into a building as it is being constructed and see that it will provide support for the walls. It can also support the roof, and once everything has been assembled, it will start to take on the general appearance of the building. You can use different types of concrete panels such as those for the inner layer of a building, or what is called a plastered sandwich. They are used with retaining walls, sanitary and stormwater projects, and Marine products that are produced every day.

How Long Does It Take To Make Them?

It actually only takes a few days to fill a small order. That is because they can quickly create the mold, pour the concrete, and once it has cured they can do the delivery. It is important to use a company that has a long reputation in your community for creating this type of material. Some of it can be quite dangerous, so make sure that you are only working with a company that uses safe materials. Once it is delivered, it should fit perfectly together, allowing you to move forward with your project.

The prices that you will pay will depend upon who you contact, and the size of the order. Discounts are often given to people that are able to produce high volumes of this precast material, and can therefore offer a lower price. Larger companies tend to have more business, and
the skills that they possess. There are so many businesses that offer this type of service, you will likely find one that is very close to your area where you can place your order, take delivery, and complete your projects. To learn more about the companies that do this, you can search on the web for businesses that do both industrial and commercial buildings. They can provide you with these concrete molds, as many as you want, for reasonable prices.